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Great fit and no leaks

Excellent as always!

Str8up Pink
Andrew S.
Str8t up diapers

These are my favorite plastic backed tape up diapers. Hugh absorbency. Feels soft and comfy. Excellent for night time nocturnal emissions. And good for day time wear as well.

Str8up Black
James L.
One of my favorite diapers!

The Straight up Black diaper is awesome. Only downside I have found is adjusting the diaper after a short time. As far as the overall rating of the diaper is, I love it! They can be worn for a very long time. They don't droop even after a flood has attacked it's absorbent padding. The gussets wrap around the legs very well. And I have not had any leak issues. I wore it for 24 hours and still had room to GO!! I am really happy about this diaper. I can wear it nearly everyday, anywhere, without people other then myself knowing I'm wearing a diaper. They are a great compliment with solid white onesies. It makes play time more fun. Ty tykables and NRU.


I'm 24/7 now and i use them for work and they have been great! Hi quality! Need to get more of them now... Thank you for a great product!

I feel like tykables used to be one of the puffiest diapers out there, the sap y’all use now makes the diapers super flat before and after wetting, they just don’t swell up like they used to even. Also having purchased the Potty Monsters and the Purrfect Cakes I noticed a sizing issue, that being the Cakes are a good bit larger (ordered the same size as always, L). They fit really loose and just look oversized. Would love to see you guys put out a really poofy, swelly, diaper again. ❤️

Thank you for your review of our products. We are aware that the diapers may seem less fluffy than previously but they are the same as they ever were. The only difference is the newer bags have been compressed more than previous bags in order to make shipping more affordable. As long as you take them out of the bag and let them breath a little bit they should fluff up. As for sizing, I'm sorry they didn't fit, but all of our diapers are made the same way so they should all fit the same as well.

Diaper for lifestyle

Love them hook and loop tape is strong fits good holds a lot one of the best I have used grate diapers

Soggers Diapers

Great capacity and very comfortable

Work very well

Love these Boosters!!!

These are the best boosters I’ve ever used!!!

The feeling and the absorbency is great! No other issues…

Super comfortable

This is my second time buying these and they are always great! :3


These are extremely cute and fun to wear. I wish they made more styles and colors. I'm sure there will be more in the near future. I wear my diapers everyday, all day. Thanks to the Tykables family and there amazing work for all of MY ABDL needs.

I like everything about these except the Velcro tabs.

Exactly what I wanted.

I am really happy with my pajamas. The material is soft, a bit silky, and much thicker than the onesie fabric so it has a bit of 'cushion'. The footies are a slight let down, the sole and toe covering isnt as slip resistant as I would expect. It would be great to have an optional textured rubber sole. I can't take off stars for this though because the PJs are fantastic. Thank you Tykables :)

I always love tykables capacity and cute diapers

I always love tykables capacity and cute diapers

I always love tykables capacity and cute diapers

I always love tykables capacity and cute diapers

I always love tykables capacity and cute diapers

I always love tykables capacity and cute diapers

I always love tykables capacity and cute diapers

Very nice diapers!

Very nice, comfortable and absorbent diapers!

Awooo!! Pup Approved!

Super soft and true to size! I’ve been waiting for this onesie to come back and I’m so glad it did.

Cute and Warm

I like how soft and warm this feels, and it's cute looking. Definitely worth having these.