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Littles Subscription Box

It's ok, after having it for 9 months it has kind of lacked variety. I was sent onesies of the same print 3 separate times during this period. Also, mostly hooded ones which personally I'm not that big a fan of.

I would recommend just buying the onesie prints you want. It seems like they just send you whatever isn't selling in the store. With not enough regard to what you have already received.

In nine months I have received

x1 Overnights Onesie - no hood
x1 Puppers Romper - no hood
x1 Koda Cubs Onesie - no hood
x1 Koda Cubs Onesie - w/ Hood
x1 Pink Camo Onesie - w/ Hood
x1 Pink Camo Onesie - no hood
x1 Unicorns Onesie - w/ hood
x1 Unicorns Onesie - w/ out hood
x1 Blue Camo Onesie - no hood

It would be nice if you tried to avoid sending the same print in a different style so recent to one another.

Like every other month it feels like I get something I just got but with or without a hood.

Also, it would be nice if newer style's were sent to subs first.