Jeans - Tykables
Jeans - Tykables


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Small waist 28 to 32 inches, its inseam at 32 inches.  Medium waist 32 to 36 inches with 32 inches inseam.  Medium-long waist measures 32 to 36 with 36 inches inseam.  Large: 36 to 40 inches with 32 inches inseam.  Large Long: 36 to 40 inches with 36 inches inseam.  Extra large: 40 to 44 inches waist, 34 inches inseam.  Extra Large Long waist measures 40 to 44 inches with 36 inches inseam.  2-X Large measures: 44 to 48 inches with 34 inches inseam.  3-X Large measures 48 to 52 inches with 34 inches inseam.

#PantsAreEvil, but these are freaking cool! Tykables has created super stylish jeans that feature full leg/crotch hook and loop and a comfy elasticized waistband for a great fit. Additionally, the denim offers a gentle stretch on perfect for when you need that added flexibility when wearing double or triple adult baby diapers. Our jeans have been designed specifically for wearing adult diapers by adding a Waddle Gusset™ which is extra fabric right in the center of the inseam. This means wearing two diapers or just super thick diapers are no longer a problem. #WaddleOn and #RefuseToAdult

  • Hook and loop inseam
  • Elastic Waistband
  • Waddle Gusset™ 
  • Stretch Denim


Customer Reviews

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Matthew H.

They are so comfortable

Easy E.

💙I have two of the old button pair jeans from Tykables and their kakies. In medium. I bought these in extra large, although I have a 32-33 waist. I bought them too big on purpose. I plan to buy two in large as soon as there are available. I love them. I may buy three pair. This is great for cloth prefolds 💙😊💙.

Jason W.
Cute Little Baby Jeans

I've always found regular jeans boring. Heck, I find most regular clothing boring: but I've always loved how stuff like the ruffles on the elastic waistband of toddler jeans look, I think it's adorably cute. So when I saw these, I was happy 'cause the quality of Tykables diapers made me wanna try out their clothing. When they arrived, they ended up looking better in person by virtue of being able to see and hold them IRL so much better than just seeing pictures online: and they feel great too! They're comfy for just lounging around or being out and about. They pair so well with stuff like the Waddler diapers and the Unicorns Liddles Play Shirt, which is my favorite outfit to wear with these jeans: it's so good! And also helps me feel so little when playing video games! Yay! :D <3

Super comfy

Love the velcro makes them look like normal big boy pants. Could wear these everyday. Need to buy another pair soon

Hook and loop

I got my jeans in September and the hook and loop Velcro feels like it’s getting weaker in some areas