ABDL Diapers, by Tykables

What is an ABDL Diaper?

We think Tykables makes the best Adult Diapers but they can also be called ABDL diapers. More directly, or possibly more accurately they could be called AB diapers. If you are unfamiliar with what ABDL or AB stand for it is both simple and complex. ABDL is a community term that means Adult Baby Diaper Lover. Often people in this community who buy our products either have a medical need for Adult Diapers or Incontinence Products or they may have a sense of comfort and security from wearing diapers like ours. 

So what makes our diapers Adult Baby diapers? Well there are tons of reasons actually, from our Active Littles Grips to our use of our Toddler Tough Plastics and our use of front and rear waistbands and extra tall leak guards.. We could go on and we haven't even talked about how they look yet. You might think that because our products are printed and often times look more childish they are loved. For us that is kind of the point. We want to remove the 'medical stigma' from adult diapers. We find that many other brands have a negative stigma around the 'diaper' thing. We try to embrace our products to be less medical in appearance.

ABDL  Diapers

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Camelot Diapers

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Overnights Diapers

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