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Today we launch our new Overnights diapers! With this we are super excited to say that with most of our existing, and new, prints moved to our new factory we can begin producing XL sizes again.

Here at Tykables we want to make sure everyone can enjoy our products, so making sure our XL's were brought back was something we felt really important to us and the community. As of now we plan to have XL sizes available this coming summer. This has taken a little bit longer than we expected but we wanted to make sure it was done correctly and no corners were cut. Our XL Sizes will fit up to 58" (147cm) comfortably and be available in all markets as at least one reseller in every market has already agreed to stock our new XL sizes as they become available. 

We value our community and have heard you! We can not wait to release the XL line of diapers and more in the near future. 

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