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No worries! We are bringing back size XL to our market of diapers, however it is not the 'next thing.' We have not brought out our diapers in XL as of yet simply due to the fact that they do not sell as quickly as our standard sizes. Our goal is to bring out new prints in medium and large, adjust things that need to be adjusted, and when they are are right, make them in the XL size. Over the past year, we released 3 new prints and are currently making adjustments to ensure we bring you the best quality ABDL diapers in the market. We have recently put a lot of resources into our new facility, bringing new brands to the USA and expanding our own catalog as well. We have no aversion to creating an XL size, but we have to do it in a way that would not prevent us from releasing additional products or that might otherwise hurt our cash flow. We also have to have a location to put slower moving product, which is why we have moved to a larger facility. We understand that it might seem like we are moving slower than some expect as we are just as excited and eager to bring out our diapers in XL. We  believe it is better to plan accordingly and follow the plan instead or rushing into things.  We will make all of our diapers in XL in time!

-The Tykables Team

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