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We just wanted to let everyone know that we are all caught up and back to regular shipping times. When shipping out our recent orders we used a new, to us, service called Smart Post by FedEx on some orders. We have fine tuned out settings to use this only for select orders moving forward. A majority of our diaper shipments will go either as FedEx Ground or USPS Priority.

Later this week we will have some more updates on new products and more fun stuff. :)

We will soon have some announcements for Canadian, UK, and European distribution. Production is already running for many of these. We are working with some other companies in tandem to ensure that our best selling products, as well as new and upcoming products, are available in the biggest markets as quickly as we can.

Our Littles Gear Subscription is going well and we are expanding that with new products as well which are being brought out later this week. If you have not heard about the Littles Gear Subscription be sure to check it out! Also with our subscriptions services we have AutoShip which will resume early next year after we get more Overnights in. Keep an eye out for these updates and more.

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