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We have our Overnights in port and are expecting to begin receiving product late next week or early the following. That means a few fantastic things…

  1. We are coming close to the end for our pre-sale. If you order before the container arrives in Chicago you get a $5.00 voucher off your next order. The voucher will be shipped with your order.

  2. We are close to shipping everything out! Duh :P

  3. We will begin our next phase to take over the world! Sorry the Pinky and the Brain just came out a bit. But no really. We have been speaking with several resellers around the globe to begin stocking the Overnights and some new products coming out too. If you are in Canada or the UK specifically, you know who to talk to. Email them and tell them you want them to stock our products. :)

We are also having our product photos retaken as we did not think the ones that we took did them justice, so we are having a professional in the community do it. Until then you can read an awesome review over at on our new diaper. They have some photos of the products and these are just some of the things they have said:

"In my view, the Tykables Overnights diaper is now best overall ABDL diaper on the market."

“The Tykables Overnights is a new and substantially overhauled version of the Tykables Waddler Overnight.” 
“That [ABU] rein has now ended because I think they've been clearly bested by the new Tykables Overnights.”
“My congratulations to Tykables on innovating, creating an incredible diaper for the community, and setting the new standard to beat in "super-premium" ABDL diapers.”
“Hook-and-loop tapes in particular are a still-novel feature for ABDL diapers that have not previously been implemented well and at a competitive price point, and stand out as a major change.”

Full review available at

While some people may be worried that we no longer have a daytime diaper, do not fear… We have some big [little] things in store for you there. 

Stay padded, Waddle On, and always be Like a Tyke tm

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