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Tykables has some amazing updates coming soon. So many updates we will have to spread them all out!

First and foremost is the expansion of our Snappies line. We have introduced the all new Snappies Romper. Our entire line of Snappies T-Shirts, Polo, and Romper are now offered in Small - 3XL, so two new sizes! Also to top that off we now have each available in White, Red, Blue, Green, and Pink! All using the same premium blended fabrics which truly have to be touched to understand. Our unique cut and design simply is the best and of course has 5 snaps for the T-Shirts and Polos, 9 for the Romper.

Best Onesie (Snappies)
The best fitting and most comfortable onesie I've worn. Holds full diapers in place, and can be worn under regular clothes. Love the designs also. Haven't tried the colors yet but plan on it soon!!

There is even more but this will have to be it for now. We are prepping for CAP Con this coming week, less than 7 days actually! If you are going be sure to grab your pre-order now so you get your $10 gift card! Pre-orders end Monday but don’t fret as we have all sizes for CAP Con so you can still purchase them at the event too. Be sure to select Pick Up and Cap Con as the pickup location when you check out, then pick them up at the event. Simple as that!

More surprises coming as the weeks and months go by. :) Enjoy your weekend and keep an eye out for more upcoming and new things from Tykables.
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