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We know ABDL tykes are always on the move, and our new ActiveT is the perfect fit for the active little. With soft-to-the-touch, long-lasting quality, our ActiveT is guaranteed to offer you the comfort and durability you want and deserve!

When it comes to making quality clothing, one thing is for sure – materials matter. From the thickness, durability and softness of the cotton to the stretchy and supportive spandex, every thread counts when crafting cute clothes for our customers! Thanks to our premium cotton/spandex blend, the leg gathers actually stay in place and the garment doesn’t rise when you bend or stretch out or move about. Our plush ActiveT premium blended fabric ensures that they do not stretch out, sag or look ‘loose’ while wearing it. What’s the point otherwise?! From the moment you put it on until hours later, you’ll find that the snuggly support of our ActiveT holds up all day/night long.

100% cotton and cotton polyester blended products simply can’t compete with our fit. Plus they shrink over time. Yuck! The ActiveT is the best, most cuddliest way to keep your Tykables Overnights adult baby diapers in place – even long after the fade-when-wet stars have disappeared and your adult baby diapers have swelled in size. Secure snaps also ensure an awesome fit and extra support.

Our ActiveT will first be available in clean-and-bright toddler white – a color that is a universal favorite for our adult baby diaper lover community! Printed options and new colors are soon to follow, what colors do you like?

Our all-new polo-styled TuckedN offers all of the same perks and features as our ActiveT with the added benefit of a cool and sophisticated collar. Now you can walk with preppy pride as your TuckedN gives you a boost in ABDL confidence and that bottom-hugging support when wearing our signature Tykables Overnights underneath! Go ahead, pop the collar. You’re looking cool, dude!

ActiveT and TuckedN are both available starting around $30 and include free shipping in the USA.

Two new products. And two new ways to #RefusetoAdult!

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