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We really want to thank everyone who supports us, gives us feedback, trusts and believes in us, and most importantly those we call friends in the community. Recently we have been asked many times if we would be charging for shipping in the United States, Nope. Our prices include shipping and tax in the United States.
With that being said we have some BIG announcements today.

New Products, New Markets

...Three new freaking prints...


Yes THREE new freaking prints are launching at the same time in April, perhaps sooner depending on shipping. Production has already started and we are over the top excited to ramp up production again with our new construction and new prints. We have also defined our diaper line into three categories. We have started pre-sales on these items so you can already reserve yours now!

Diaper Types

Level 3

  • Overnights
  • 5500ml absorption

Level 2

  • Waddler
  • 4000ml absorption

Level 1

  • Little Builders
  • 3500ml Absorption rating
All of our diapers feature:
  • Active Littles Gripstm
  • Plastic backed
  • Fade when wet designs
  • Front & Rear Waistbands
  • Extra Tall Leakguards

Mixed Cases / Half Case

We will also be offering a great Mixed Case and Mixed Half Case option with what we think is a better value than other brands as we do alter our prices based on the product and size of the order. All with a super simple way to select your options. No forms, no a la carte prices just to get a variety. Just simple selection process. If you have an order that has not shipped yet and you wish to change it to a mixed case/half case, just email us and let us know. We can help you out with that. :)

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If all of that wasn’t enough… We are now shipping directly to Canada with 95% of all orders being around $25CAD or less, in fact, some things ship for free. All from Typically orders that are less than two cases will ship for this price and only orders of two cases or more will have additional charges just due to the added package count. At checkout you pay in the CAD and any applicable taxes will be collected for your order. Your orders will be shipped from Chicago via FedEx ground taking on average between 2-5 days, even to the west coast areas like Vancouver. This means all new products that the USA gets, Canada gets at the same time. No delay, no waiting… You can even pre-order new products, hint hint. :)

The UK and Europe

We are excited to say that NappiesRUs is expecting the Overnights to arrive in the UK by Mid February and the new prints to arrive by mid-April, or sooner depending on shipping. We look forward to working with yet another amazing ABDL company in Europe to bring our products to more places at amazing prices. 


Then we have some new prints and new Everyday products as well. We have introduced a fun new Eco-Friendly leather boot collection.

Tykables Mens Leather Space Cadet BootsTykables Mens Leather Little Builders Boots
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