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Play Dayz Are Here!

We're expanding our daytime protection by bringing you Play Days from Nappiesrus! Each pack contains 12 Diapers with 4 vibrant designs and are available in both plastic backed and cloth backed!
-Elasticated waistbands at the front and rear
- Tall standing leak guards around the legs
- A strong 4 tape system with a smooth plastic landing zone
- A total absorption of around 3500ml
- Designed for discretion with next generation Japanese SAP
- Printed landing zones featuring 4 designs per pack!
Shipping expected to begin around January 9th. 

Littles Gear Subscriptions

The Littles Gear Subscription is a monthly or bi-monthly package that allows you to get exciting new clothing automatically. Start building your Littles Wardrobe today by choosing one of the following options.

Snappies: Choose the Snappies option and you will get a new Snappies item every month for $30.

Snappies & Diapers: With the Snappies & Diapers option we will send out everything in the Snappies subscription plus a bag of diapers for $60. 

Outfit: With the Outfit option you not only get a Snappies but an additional item such as Snap Jeans, Shorts, Cargo Shorts, Shortalls or who knows what else we may bring out and you only pay $90.

Outfit & Diapers: This gives you everything in our Outfit subscription plus two bags of diapers all for $130 a month!

Tykables 5th Birthday Party!

This year we are turning 5 years old! Thats a whole hand! We want to celebrate with you! Come celebrate with us on Saturday February 9th for an in-store birthday party! From 11am-3pm, we will be hosting a party at our new store in Elk Grove Village. Come check out our new location, enjoy some treats, and get a chance to win some awesome prizes! Stay tuned for more information.
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