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We have had difficulties getting our product out of the Los Angeles area and delivered to Chicago due to the wild fires. We have had no less than three companies confirm then cancel our pick up, one company went as far as to drive to the warehouse and then turn away. Honestly, we were shocked, stunned, and just confused by that. The fires in California have caused a congestion for freight that has still not been resolved and that is the reason for the delay

We have rescheduled another pick up with FedEx Supply Chain and hope that they will be able to step in where others have been letting us down to pick up and deliver our good from California. Provided they pick up our product on Monday we should have the product delivered to Chicago on Thursday or Friday. We will be working late on Thursday, Friday, and over the weekend to ensure everything is shipped out on Monday.

All pre-sale orders will be shipped out first if they have not already been shipped out. Orders placed after October 16th will be packed and shipped Friday - Sunday and shipped out Monday. 

We apologize for the delay in shipping and are working to make it right as quickly as we can.

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