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We have exciting news from Tykables! Our newest and recently announced April 1st announcement isn’t a joke! Introducing our newest print, Deluge! Everyone is familiar with the diaper prints from Tykables and those on the market from other companies, Deluge is definitely something completely different, by design. Due to the tremendous flood of responses and feedback from everyone, we plan on rolling out Deluge later this year.

Deluge offers a bold, vibrant and totally unique print that is distinctive from anything that has been available for a while. Deluge creates an original look for middles, DLs, and incontinent customers both with its out-of-the-box styling and eye-catching colors which have been requested for some time from this segment of our community. We also are bringing back traditional tapes on this product that we are calling Cub Tapes™ which are Unbearably Strong, to help differentiate them from our Active Littles Grips™ on the rest of our Tykables range.

At Tykables, we believe that everyone deserves only the best and most fun prints to express their individuality. That’s why we wanted to create something totally different that was unexpected but still equally appreciated in the community for ensuring that everyone has prints and products that best suit them. We’re incredibly proud to be able to bring Deluge to the world, and we’re looking forward to having it on the market soon.

In the meantime, don’t forget to stay up to date with Tykables for news about upcoming prints and more that are in the works! We can’t wait to share this unique experience with you!

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