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Memorial Day Weekend
We will be closed until Tuesday, May 30th in observance of Memorial Day. We will be attending IML in Chicago and have a meetup in partnership with Mr. Friendly on Sunday at 4pm at the Mr Friendly booth in the market space. We will have coloring, meet and greets, and a free IML exclusive print only available at the meetup. What is it you ask, I guess you have to show up to find out. If you are not in Chicago be sure to follow us on Twitter because I am sure we will have photos posted as well…

Speaking of which the weather is getting warmer and that means it is about time for shorts! Tykables has you covered in more way that one! Tykables new Cargo Shorts and Shortalls both with snaps throughout the inseam and our Waddle Gusset™ are available for pre-order now with shipping expected to begin in early July.

For people who like pants year round we also have our popular Jeans and recently introduced our Cargo Pants, both with snaps throughout the inseam and our Waddle Gusset™ as well. In our next production run, we will be adding a longer inseam option on all of our pants. YA for taller littles… :)

We have also upgraded our website for a better overall experience. International customers are also able to place their orders more quickly as well with inclusive pricing, so the price you pay is all you pay; no extra tax or duties. Some of our other enhancements include filters on our collections page to better search for a specific type of products. We also offer a new customer service chat feature which will let you contact us in real time during normal business hours, or leave a message for us if we happen to be away or helping another customer. You can now also subscribe to receive new stock notifications for specific products.

We get this question all the time, “when are you getting more diapers in?” Trust us, they are coming. We have been working to resolve a few key points to better facilitate our inventory flow to better serve the community. Right now it is like ripping off the band-aid. It hurts at first but the benefits will far outweigh the temporary situation. Be sure to subscribe to the products that you want and be notified as soon as they are back in stock.

Until then we thank everyone for their support. We had a great time at CAP Con and can not wait for more details about next year's hotel takeover, yup the entire hotel. Other events being planned for us later this year as well! As things are confirmed we will definitely let everyone know!

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