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Tykables Littles Gear Subscription

Our Snappies line is growing in a big and fantastic way and is a big part of our subscription service. We are more than doubling our styles and introducing our first of many full printed options. We will add a long sleeve t-shirt, a play set that consists of a t-shirt and shorts, a short and long sleeve hoodie version along with our T-Shirt, Polo, Romper, and Button down snappies. Our first batch is expected to be shipping in December or sooner.

To celebrate and help people build out a full wardrobe we are releasing a new Subscription Service with multiple subscription levels starting at $30. This will help you get new Little Gear automatically. Subscriptions will put you to the front of the line for new products, new prints, and more. You will always know what you are getting before it is shipped so do not worry about that. If a new option comes up that isn’t quite you, we can swap it out for a different style or print that we already have! We will ask you a few questions when you sign up that help us pick out the best items for you. This helps us produce the items everyone wants first based on preferences like Snappies style and colors. Our subscription service can be either a monthly or bi-monthly subscription so you can pick between 6 options to best suit your budget and need.

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