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We regret to say that we had an error on our website on May 1st, 2019 which then sent out emails saying that our new Little Rawrs Diapers were in stock and available for sale. 

For around 45 minutes to an hour our website allowed people to purchase the new Little Rawrs diapers and showed them as 'in stock.' We have both corrected the issue and contacted everyone who was able to purchase the product to informed them of the error. While our products will be here soon this was in error and we did not intend to pre sell anything not in stock nor to imply that it was in stock. We thank you for your understanding in this matter. We will be shipping out all of these orders before we put the products into inventory to ensure that these do go out day one before we get any additional orders. 

We belive this happened either because our system displayed inbound inventory as available or that it pulled inventory numbers from our Overnights, which are in stock. We have corrected the matter fully and hope that our edits have fixed the problem from happening in the future. We again apologize for this error and ask that you resign up for the email on the Little Rawrs product page if you were unable to purchase already so that you will receive an email once the product becomes available for purchase.

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