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In late June, we emailed our diaper box subscribers to address our low inventory and shipping delays. At the time we expected our shipment to arrive around the 1st of July. Currently this shipment has still not arrived at our warehouse. We expect this to arrive any day now, but we can not with confidence give an exact date as this should have been here weeks ago.

If you need to update, change, skip, or otherwise modify your subscription please email and let us know and we will be happy to assist. All subscriptions will be sent out as soon as the container arrives. 

Typically we have 1.5 months worth of subscriptions in stock but due to the unprecedented delay of our shipments this was unfortunately not enough to continue to be able to fulfill all subscriptions without a delay. We apologize for this and are taking extra steps to help ensure we do not have his issue moving forward. These steps include how we allocate inventory as we increase the amount we will keep on hand moving forward.

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