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Want to be Little but have to "adult"

We get it. You want to feel like a Little all the time, but at the same time have to do adulting tasks like going to work. We've got the answer for you! From our Everyday Diapers, to our discreet clothing, we can ship you an outfit that will make you feel little, but look sharp.

Everyday Diapers

First things first, we have to worry about the diaper. If you’re worried about a loud diaper all day you’re not going to feel very discreet. Our Everyday Diapers feature our Baby Butter Plastic and snug fit, so they won’t be heard under your clothing. They are also extremely soft and comfortable, so you can go about your day without feeling any discomfort. Best of all, our Everyday Diapers are highly absorbent, so you don’t have to worry about any leaks.

Snappies Polo and Hoodies

As for the top, you'll want something that supports your diaper while also looking cute when worn every day. Yes, Snappies T-Shirts and Rompers are great for this, but they're usually worn as undershirts. There are, however, a few items we have that work perfectly - our Polos and Hoodies. They come in our solid colors and are double-layered at the shoulder, so they do not have seams near the waist. A regular Polo or t-shirt-style Hoodie is on the top layer, and an underlayer of white Snappies material with a Snappies T-Shirt cut at the legs.

Liddles Denim Jeans

We also have your bottom covered, in more than one way. All of our Denim line could be worn out and about and no one would bat an eye, but if you want to be really covert our Denim Jeans are perfect for that. Our Jeans are made with cotton and spandex to give a decent stretch. They have velcro in the inseam and fly to keep everything hidden and prevent zipper holes. Also, all of our denim products have our Waddle Gusset, which is just a little bit of extra material in the center of the inseam to add more space so your jeans aren't defining your diaper.

Discreet Shipping

Of course, the most important thing, if you want to make sure no one knows what you are getting, all of our shipping is discreet. From using plain brown boxes to mylar bags for smaller products, and our shipping labels saying it’s from “Fulfillment Center” you can rest assured that your package will get to you discreetly.

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