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We are pleased to announce that our website is now backed by Enhanced Site Security. You can shop with confidence on our site and know that your information is kept secure at all times.

Why do we offer this? We want our customers to know that their information is secure.

Who uses Enhanced Site Security? Banks and financial entities often use this type of encryption to keep your information safe along with  large e-commerce sites. We have implemented the same level of security to our customers so that you know that your information is safe. We are currently the only ABDL company that offers an EV SSL.

How do I know your site is secure? You will notice that our website address begins with “https”; this indicates that the website is secure. An EV SSL usually is complemented with a green box and the company's name.

What will this additional security cost me as a consumer? This extra level of security costs you nothing. We simply feel that this is important to have while showing our customers we will go the extra mile to protect their security and information.

We strive to be the best ABDL brand of adult baby diapers. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube as we announce new products, services, events and additional enhancements to our website.

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