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Play Dayz by Nappiesrus

We're expanding our daytime protection by bringing you Play Days from Nappiesrus! Each pack contains 12 Diapers with 4 vibrant designs and are available in both plastic backed and cloth backed!

Nursery and Bright Dayz

Cuddlz new Nursery diapers are designed with an adorable duck, teddy bear, and pacifier pattern and are complete with 4 strong fastening tapes (2 per side). Bright Dayz Diapers offers a 2 tape diaper, 1 large tab per side, with a simple sky design cute enough to brighten your day. 

Tena Maxi and Ultima

TENA Slip Active Fit is specially designed for individuals with an active lifestyle. This plastic-backed incontinence product with a fast-acting core provides excellent leakage protection. The Easy Fix fastening secures a comfortable fit.
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