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Tykables Diapers and Snappies Updates

We wanted to reach out and let everyone know where we are and what we are doing to play catch up on all orders. To this point, we have not said anything because we know, from past experience, that anytime we say anything we get a huge rush in orders. We were hoping to get caught up before saying anything to avoid having a new rush of orders hindering our ability to get everything out quickly.  


We have been told that our Snappies have arrived and should be delivered today or tomorrow to our store. We have someone counting and scanning everything into inventory. Plain unprinted Snappies should be sent out over the next two days while printed items will be a day or so later just due to printing times. Once we receive the Snappies in our store and put them into inventory, backorders will no longer be accepted and anything available on our website will be in stock and shipped out same/next business day.


As of today, we have a huge dent in our diaper pre-orders shipped out, however, we are waiting for a few containers to arrive that contain more Overnights in Medium and Large, Galactic in Medium, as well as Little Builders in Large. The containers are in Chicago they just have not been delivered to our warehouse as of yet. We will be changing our system over today to no longer allow for ordering of product that is not physically in our warehouse. This will allow for us to ensure that we can catch up as quickly as possible. As the inventory arrives throughout the week to our warehouse we will ship everything out and update our inventory on our website after we have shipped everything out.


We thank everyone for your understanding and patience as we work to get everyone's order out as quickly as we can. 

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