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This past weekend was amazing as expected! We were honestly taken back with the amount of support and constant compliments for our clothing line, Snappies and Jeans specifically. The most common things said were the quality of our fabrics for our Snappies were far beyond everything else on the market. The comments that the quality of our Jeans were better than most of the jeans that they own even from department stores, some even asked why we didn’t charge more for them. You know you have a good price when customers are telling you that you should charge more, not kidding. Our Rompers were by far the best sellers of our Snappies line with requests for new stuff, plus we had the opportunity to show some people some new stuff which they were really excited for. We have one Easter Egg out there which was featured in the Sex Heroes series, with Tod, from the Huffington Post Article recently which we will be pointing out soon for everyone. :) Can you guess what it is?

We really want to thank the staff of CAP Con for all of their support for us and their faith in us to help them. We love to give back to conventions and events because frankly it is just the right thing to do, and a bit self-serving because we want to enjoy the convention, even more, ourselves lol. We are part of the community and the community is what makes a company like our company even possible. It is only fitting to give back in any way we can. Every year we ask them “what can we do to help?” Last year the CAP Con board brought us to the hotel and showed us the new space and said: “we need help filling the space so we can get this larger space and it won't feel empty.” We jumped and started to plan what we could do. We had many pop up stands, stickers for the floor and walls. We made glass stickers for throughout to add lots of colors everywhere. However, we did more than just stickers and signs for the space. Our personal favorites were the activities mats with our Lion, Tiger, and Bear on them which will be featured in some upcoming photos at our store for our new products. We had a 5-foot by 5-foot game board with everything oversized that had a ton of people wanting us to make them for sale. We brought almost everything from our store to place in the playroom and other areas. We had our 9 foot by 10 foot by 2.5 feet deep ball pit which is always a hit. The list really goes on but we have to tip our hat to CAP Con for things like the new walker and tons and tons of new toys and stuffies, Oh My Gosh the stuffies! More than one room looked like a Build A Bear factory exploded. Trying to keep me from rambling, thank you for letting us be apart of such an amazing event and we will continue to do so for as long as you allow us to. Each year we will continue to add new things, stuff, activities and more. We already have been given a list of things for next year and we already said: "let us see how we can make this happen?"

Take what you love of CAP Con and add the little things, no pun intended, to your everyday life. That is what CAP Con is about to us. It is about letting you express your little side in a way that you might not normally be able to. However, we also see it as a way to allow you to simply express that so you can learn what really makes you happy so that you find ways to incorporate these aspects into your everyday life for stress or anxiety relief. CAP Con is a great place to explore, create, meet new people, and really let your little side out. We can not recommend the event enough and we hope you will all join us next year for another amazing convention.

We have a few cases left after CAP Con which will be placed into our inventory and sold as a first come first serve basis. So head on over quick to pick up some up.


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