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Content Warning: The following contains comments about racism, murder, police brutality, and may be triggering.

We have had a few people ask what my stance is on the Black Lives Matter movement. To put it simply, Yes I support Black Lives Matter. I believe that there are obvious inequalities that need to be addressed. There is no one nor simple answer to this solution. I do believe that we are on our way to addressing these issues, but we must continue to move forward.

One way that I have chosen to help is by donating to Another way I am trying to help is by continuing to speak directly with the POC in the ABDL community, asking what can be done differently to better represent them. I take pride in having included POC in our advertising dating back to year 1 of our company. Our first photo shoot for product photos we worked to include people with as many body shapes as well as races as we could. I believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that we give representation to everyone in the ABDL community. From our artists and models to our friends and employees I see no other way to live than to celebrate the differences as the beauty that it is. The ABDL community is large and diverse, and we are proud to support all in our community.

A few have asked as to why we, as a company, have not made a public statement yet, or have assumed that our lack of a statement to mean something that it does not. Many people, who stand with Black Lives Matter, feel that involving politics makes it more difficult for them to use Little Space as it brought one of the very aspects they were trying to escape. I was trying to find a balance that respected and protected the Little Space of those who do stand with the Black Lives Matter but find topics such as this harmful to their ability to engage in Little Space as well as voicing our support with those who asked us directly. This decision to not make a public statement early on may have angered some who wanted us to say something, and for that I am sorry that you felt we did not hear you; that was certainly not our intent. I also hear and see the people who agree with Black Lives Matters but wish to keep their Little Space free of politics.

June is Pride month but given the current climate in the United States and around the world I have decided not to post our scheduled advertisements. I felt these posts would have taken away from the current conversation. 51 years ago at stonewall POC in the LGBTQ+ community played a vital role in organizing and in many cases being the face of change. Their efforts should never be forgotten and once again POC are standing up for not only their but anyone who is being oppressed. 

I can not fully imagine the frustration, despair, pain, and anger that members of the Black community must feel, but I do have my own experiences that I use to help me relate in my own way. I stand with the Black community against an obvious historical and present systemic racism, violence, and hate. As a nation our painful and horrific actions of the past are left unresolved, and this is still present today. In looking at our justice system which often targets POC and minorities disproportionately there are changes that are needed. To create and implement true change, we must examine our views and actions as individuals and as a nation in these times of pain that is all too often ignored, forgotten, and repeated. I do not believe that human dignity is an issue that is debatable. To the Black community. I see you, you matter, and your lives matter. 


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