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Tykables at CAP Con 2016


We wanted to take a moment to thank the Chicago Age Players, host of the largest Age Play event CAP Co, for everything they do. The CAP group goes out of their way, spends tons of time and resources to help make each year bigger and better than the last. CAP Con 2016 had over 300 people attend from all over the country and the world. The entire weekend was filled with laughter, fun, and above all friends. This year we brought a 10’x9’ ball pit with matching 8’x9’ castle made out of oversized building blocks as well as our 7’x7’ playpen. There was a full nursery set up, lots of toys about and more. CAP Con has movie night, Nerf gun battles, arts and crafts and so much more. Thank you Chicago Age Players for all that you do for the community. Tykables will always do anything we can to help you guys because the work you do is simply amazing.

One comment we kept getting was that we were the only ABDL company to travel. We have been to CAP Con, Folsom, IML, Teddy Con and also help promote and sponsor other events like DiaperActive. For CAP Con we helped provide things like our new ball pit and castle which something else no one does. We also provided red and green bracelets for people to wear so the photographers knew who wanted new baby pictures, if you wore a red band no one ever took your photo and any photo you might be in will never be shared. So many of these were worn all the way home TSA agents at O'hare started asking a few people what “Tykables” was. To be a fly on that wall... We help provide these things because the community invests in us, so we invest in the community. While we are a company that needs to make a profit, profit is not our only goal. It is easy for a company to make products and sell them for a profit but we feel it is far more important that a company work hard to give back to people who support us. Tykables means Like A Tyke, because that is what we are. We truly love the ABDL community because we are apart of it. The love and support we get at these events is overwhelming. Often we are at a loss for words from the enthusiasm and love from the community.

We can not wait until next year! If you made it to this we hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did. If you did not make it this year we can not recommend the event enough. Please check out and sign up for the newsletter. As soon as tickets are available, register. They always sell out because everyone always has fun.

We love you all and forever and always thank you for your support.


Posted by Snuggies Diapers

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