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Snuggies is now Tykables


With a close to a chapter and a turn of the page, today we are announcing the biggest change yet to our company and brand. We will be rebranding our company and image from the ground up. What does this mean? It means that we will soon no longer sell Snuggies Diapers and that our products and services will no longer bear the communities iconic Snuggies Diapers name or logo. Over the next few months we will begin transitioning to a new brand name starting with our website. It seemed only fitting that we make our announcement at Folsom Street Fair where we launched our first product just over a year ago.

Going forward, just call us Tykables. We are still the same company with the same team and same goals, including high quality customer service and products. Over the past year we have quickly become the first ever truly global ABDL company by placing products for direct sales in multiple markets such as the United States, Canada and Europe with even more markets opening in the future. By bypassing re-sellers and distributors in these markets we can bring large quantities of our products to each market directly, which helps keep prices low for everyone around the world. Moving forward this will help us keep inventory of all products in stock in each market by allowing us to order, ship and control inventory levels of our products unlike any other ABDL company on a global scale. Though we are only a team consisting of less than 5 people, only 1 of which is full time we are still powering past all obstacles put in front of us.

In the past year we have launched the Snuggies brand with not one but two new products - the Waddler & Waddler Overnight. We have also released Snuggers (Now SceneExtender aka S.Ex) a true DL brand and not just a product. With both of these we must look to the future for new products, expansion of direct distribution around the world, and the overall health and growth of our brands and product lines. As our current chapter is coming to a closing we know our story book is far from over.

Why change our name? In order to better protect our company and brand we are moving to a new name which will allow us to trademark our name globally and with unity for all future products. Another trademark owner had a concern about our original name, and working with this company we came to mutually agreeable terms of which the full details will be kept private between both companies.


What does this mean for our products? It means if you want a true, real, and iconic Snuggies Diaper, you have to buy now. We have not and will not be producing or manufacturing any new products with the Snuggies logo; this has been why our inventory has run out recently in some locations and a factor in why it took longer than expected to reach Canada and Europe. We have managed to bring limited quantities of remaining products to some markets that will be sold, but once they are gone they are gone forever. Given our recent sales we suspect there is only about 2-3 weeks left for any products that we have, any spike will only shorten that time frame. All future production runs and products will have our new Tykables name. Our products will have only minor changes to them to make alterations based on feedback from the community and to remove any Snuggies logos, but otherwise will be the same great product you have come to know and love; only better because of your help and we thank you for that.


At this time we are discontinuing the original Waddler. We have every intention of bring back a daytime product next year but for the time must focus on bringing the new Tykables Overnights to market. The following links are where you can buy both the remaining Snuggies and Snuggers products as well as the new Tykables products as they become available.
United States
Shipped from Washington, Chicago and New York

Shipped from Vancouver and Toronto

United Kingdom
Shipped from London

Europe (And Snuggies for the UK)
Shipped from london and Netherlands by late 2016.

We want to thank you for your support for our company. Your enthusiasm, excitement, and overall love of our products has been overwhelming. We could not have come this far, and could not continue, without the support of the community and our friends, and for this we are forever grateful for the opportunity to bring a full line of products for everyone. We thank everyone for their feedback and continued support in our company and brand(s) past, present, and future.

Posted by Snuggies Diapers
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