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Snuggies International Fulfillment


Snuggies is now in Canada and Europe, including the UK with direct fulfillment. We now have product already located in each of these markets ready for direct fulfillment to you! You can visit the following sites to make purchases for our products.


United Kingdom:

(only the all white offered at this time)

or Europe:

(All products sold for Europe or UK who wants Snuggies Overnights)

This is a first for our community. We are the first global company in our community to sell products directly to consumers on multiple continents, much less countries. Normally you have resellers, who either have many different companies products which affects the ability to order more products often having issues keeping products in stock in all sizes or at all. Because we control the inventory flow and times we can send product in different mixes when needed, not when the reseller of the area has money to do it. This also means that there are no 3rd party mark ups, so the price is almost universally the same price around the world. So if you are in an area where normally you are used to paying a higher premium for USA or imported products like ours, NO MORE!. We offer our products with a flat shipping fee no matter the size order, one bag, one case or even 10 cases in each of our new markets. While there are some slight differences based on your area’s fees for entry to the area, taxes and different shipping costs the price of the product is near identical around the world.

We would like to take some time to answer a few questions. The biggest question is will you pay import, or other fees. The answer, is “Nope”. Canada has two warehouses and the UK/Europe has one. This allows us to ship from within the market meaning no extra fees and no extra paperwork in most situations; though Europe may have some exceptions. The price you pay on the site is it, it is also in your markets currency. Canada is in the CAD, the UK is in the pound while Europe is in the Euro; countries in Europe not on the Euro will have their currency converted to the Euro.


The next question is “why can’t I buy Snuggies Overnights in the UK”. Unfortunately, Luke Rowlands, who is an AB in the UK owns a trademark similar to our name and have owned this name for many years. You can find the full details of his trademark registration here, Though he has yet to register as a business entity or produce a single product, website or any other form of public progress on the Snuggies brand in the UK, or anyplace else, before our product release in the United State, Canada, Australia or Europe he, by law, owns this trademark which is similar to our name. Arguably he has stolen the name from the Snuggies Pasty Ads by Vangoo, who is apart of our team and has created many aspects of our prints and art work. We were unable to come to an agreement where Luke would allow us to sell Snuggies in the UK. He has been unwilling to sell, license or otherwise work with us on this matter; though he has demanded we pay him money for infringement, though he has no products or services to sell or offer to infringe on. Because of this we are simply unable to sell Snuggies Diapers branded products directly on our UK website. However we are able to sell them on, our Europe website. It is unfortunate that someone within the ABDL community is the reason that we can not sell you our great products in the UK from our Uk website. Know that we already have an answer for this and more will be detailed soon. The answer is awesome and know that we will not let this or anyone prevent us from selling our products or offering our services around the globe at affordable prices.
Posted by Snuggies Diapers
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