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The #SnuggiesMystery game is over and a winner will be selected soon. So what was it all?


We have introduced a new product, the Waddler Overnight. We took what everyone loved about the Waddler and kicked it up a notch. This diaper does it all and outperforms almost everything out there including leading diapers like Bambino, DRY 247 and Abena. This diaper has a 135 oz absorption rating, double the current Waddler. We have introduced a market exclusive, fade when wet stars throughout the diaper design. A true designed wetness indicator, not just some yellow lines. We have upgraded the plastic to an ultra strong, but still soft to the touch, plastic. We kept the over sized tapes and landing zone. On the inside we also changed from a white to a blue standing leak guard. We didn’t just stop there there. We priced the Overnight to sell and move volume. The Overnight is taking the Waddlers price structure and we are in fact keeping the Waddler, dropping the price and now including shipping in all orders of 2 bags or more. Now you can get a product that outperforms almost everything out there for 1.62 including shipping; when bought by the case.

But wait there is still more. We have introduced yet another new product. We call it S.Ex. S.Ex stands for Scene Extender and is intended for the DL group and BDSM people. It has the same structure and functionality as the Waddler overnight. Strong no safe word plastic, 135 oz absorption rating and more. We listened to the DL’s though. We will be transitioning this product into its own unique brand overtime. No more going to a “baby site” to buy your stuff. is all you need to know. You have your own subdomain shop, look, feel and branding. So ready to talk about S.Ex?

One more thing. We are still not done. We still have some more things yet to be announced and they are coming soon; real soon.



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