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Snuggies Diapers is now shipping international.

We want to thank everyone for their support and we are glad to announce that we have better shipping rates now for international shipping not only to Canada but all over. Currently all transactions will be in the United States Dollar no matter your location. Later in the year different markets may move to their native currency such as the Canadian Dollar, the British Pound and the Euro depending on volume and regulatory needs. We are also working to place product in each of these markets directly later this year. This will allow for even better shipping rates and faster fulfillment.


If you are in Canada you should place your order at You will be able to ship to addresses in both the United States and Canada but you will have to place the order from this site.

United Kingdom

If you are in the UK you will place your orders at Later this year we will be shipping product to a local fulfillment center in the UK which will offer you great shipping rates and faster fulfillment times.


If your country is on the Euro you will visit Later this year we will be shipping product to a fulfillment center in Germany which will fulfill orders to the surrounding area. Ireland orders should still be placed on the EU site but will be fulfilled from the UK.

If you are outside of Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, or Australia you will place your order on


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