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Samples / International Fulfillment


Snuggies Diapers now offers samples, in a new kind of way. You can now buy Snuggies Diapers Waddlers in 2 packs as Medium / Medium, Medium / Large or Large / Large combinations. Though admittedly the bill might seem odd when looking at it.

Here is how it works.

The sample pack is $10 in any combination, yes we know that seems high but it does include the shipping. The site adds charges a $10 flat rate shipping. Before you tell us $20 is to much for 2 diapers no matter how good that are and we just said it includes the shipping; we know. The site automatically adjusts the bill automatically by reducing it by $10 on the first order only for each customer bringing the cost down to $10 total. There is not coupon code or voucher to enter. This is done to help keep people from ‘gaming’ the system. Please keep reading because we want to make it better that everyone else.

After the order had been shipped you will get a $10 dollar coupon attached to your account that is good for 60 days on your first Waddler purchase of two bags or more. So if you end up buying 2 bags or more after you get the sample pack, the sample pack ends up being free. Thats right your sample ends up being nada, zilch, $0. The coupon required no effort on your part and is automatically applied to your order at check out when applicable.

The sample packs are a limited quantity at this moment but we continue to build them as demand grows for them. If you see that they are “sold out” we should be able to build more in a few days, either give us a quick email or call and we can update you on any status of our products.

International Fulfillment

We plan to begin selling to everyone soon, like next week soon… We are working to reduce our shipping fees before we start shipping out product. We are also working to see what options we might have to get product into each market as soon as possible to reduce costs and times for shipping. We can not stress enough to everyone how committed we are to excellent customer service and bringing our product to each market, and some who have never even had AB/DL diapers.


We truly thank everyone for their patients, understanding and of course support in this entire process.


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