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Shipping & Website Updates
Shipping Updates
Our diapers have cleared customs and are awaiting to arrive at port to be offloaded. We expect to begin shipping some time next week between December 8th and 12th. If anything comes up between now and then we will post this information both on our website and our blog. 
Website Updates
This evening our website may have been unavailable for some users and we apologies for any convince. This may persist longer for some than others but we assure you that our site is operations. We have switched over to a dedicated ip address, added additional security measures such as  implementing SSL for our website. These and other steps are being taken in preparation so that we may begin financial transactions directly on our site for a seamless user experience. We want to make sure that all steps have been taken to give peace of mind to every customer that your information is safe. We will still offer the ability to pay through PayPal if you choose to do so. 
We have been working on several visual changes to our layout as well as requested features like a F&Q section. These changes, once finished, will be added to the site.
Canada, UK and Europe Fulfillment
We expect to have product in each of these markets by the middle of next year. Until then orders will be fulfilled from the United States warehouse. You should still place your orders from your market specific websites which can be found below. - United Kingdom
We again want to say thank you to everyone for your support.
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