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We just wanted to give a quick update. Our next planned update is for September 19th, around Folsom Street Fair, September 21st. Be sure to check back with us then. You may also sign up on and opt for a newsletter to receive the September 19th update.


Product Samples and Photos.

We happy to say that we have received our product samples last week. We are working to take new product photos and thoroughly test the product. So far the diapers have passed all bench marks for us in durability and absorption. We are confident that we have a winning product and will only work to make it even better with feedback from everyone once people have the opportunity to  buy, use and enjoy them.



We had to stop volunteer registration for Folsom because so many people offered to help. We can not thank these people, and everyone else enough for your support for Folsom and our new diaper line venture. We are excited to have received so many positive and continuing interests and praises from the community and hope that you enjoy the product as much as and even more than we think you will.


Giving Back

We do want to make sure that we give back to the community who supports us. We have started as our first step in doing that. We hope that you like this site and its features as we promise to keep this site free forever. We want to work with other sites, groups and communities to know, ‘what can we do for you?’ If you put on a large party annually or often, host parties at events like IML, Folsom or similar contact us at



Want to work at Snuggies Diapers? You can see a list of jobs we may be looking to fill in the near future at Fill out a simple form. We will review the applicants when we are ready to fill certain positions and contact you if we feel there may be a fit.



After months and months of back and forth with Apple today we regret to inform our iOS users that despite making every change requested by Apple, they have refused to approve our app and have told us they will never do so. That being said we do want to let our Android users know that we will continue to support our Android application and its future releases. We also will now devote all efforts into Android rather than attempting any additional iOS applications. We will work to make our browser version of our site as user friendly as possible for our iOS users, because even if Apple doesn’t love us, we still love you.

Posted 11th September 2014 by Snuggies Diapers

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