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We have been testing our new AutoShip service for a few days now and are ready to begin really promoting the new service. So with that being said Tykables is excited to announce that we now offer an AutoShip subscription service for repeat orders, valid for half cases and full case orders! AutoShip is a subscribers receive a 10% discount on every product that you subscribe to. This subscription service model is incredibly popular with other companies and makes things super convenient and even more affordable for our customers, particularly who wear diapers every night or 24/7. Now there is no need to remember to place your order, AutoShip will do that for you. Just set the quantity for your AutoShip order as either a half case or full case and an order is created, billed and shipped to you every 4 weeks. Tykables AutoShip, The only simple self managed automatic delivery subscription service of Adult Baby Diapers.

Please note that you will be billed on the anniversary day of the original order for AutoShip. For example if you order on Friday your next order will be automatically billed, placed and be processed for shipping exactly 4 weeks later on Friday. This is incredibly convenient for people who are paid every other week. We recommend placing an order on your payday so that every other payday an order would be placed for you. You of course have the ability to skip an order provided you log in and opt to skip the purchase. We recommend doing this at least 48 hours in advance to ensure that your order is not generated.

Currently this service is only available in the United States but we have plans to roll this service our to other markets in the future. This is just one of many things to come and many ways Tykables is a market leader in offering new products, features, and services. Follow our social media accounts and check our site regularly for additional announcements for upcoming products and services! We are also hard at work finalizing a few new products, like our clothing line, as well as new prints to come out later this year. Plus we have a few surprises still yet un announced.

We can not tell you how excited we are about the progress being made on these and the support and encouragement from everyone in the community. We truly love what we do, who we are, and absolutely unapologetic in the pursuit of making the most authentic Adult Baby products possible.

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